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Double Edge Radish SlicerHS-010
Electric Radish Slicer HS-112
Stainless steel Raish SlicerHS-212
Plastic Radish SlicerHS-313

Electric Forwarding Radish Slicer HS-007 & HS-007A
Tsuma Ichiban makes it possible to cut radish with thick fibers. Not only is it engineered for Japanese food, it is perfect for use with western food too! Preparing garnishes will not be the same! Especially with Tsuma Ichiban. Try it and see how much difference it makes.
Manual Revolving Vegitable Slicer KB-701
Hand Vegitable Slicer KB-727

Manual Revolving Vegitable Slicer KB-733
Electric Vegitable Slicer KB-745

Electric Vegitable Slicer Vertical Style KB-750
Cabelina Multi Purpose Slicer
*Slice any type and size of cabbage.
*Adjust to the size required.
*It uses special stainless steel blades and replacements are easily available.

Squid Cutter HS-550
Electric Squid Cutter HS-550E
Squid Scratcher HS-5001 & 5002V & 5003
Squid Cutter
Perfect for slicing squid, boiled eggs, fried bean curd, ham, fish cakes, seaweed and sea plants. Easy to use, fast, compact, cuts well and easy to clean.
Durable and saves time. washable blades make it hygienic to use. Replacement blades are easily available.
Electric Leek Cutter NC-2
Electric Hispeed Leek String Cutter NC-2si
Electric High-Speed Leek Cutter
Saves preparation time with this high-speed cutter. Forget about wastage because with the manual function, you can cut to the very end of the leek. Reasonably priced and full of functionalities makes this cutter worth buying. Replacement blades are easily available.
Pumpkin Cutter KC-5
Pumpkin Cutter (Fine blade) KC-5S
Slice Cutter SK-1
Slice Cutter SK-1L
Slice Cutter SK-4N
Vertical Slice Cutter SK-T165
Slice Cutter
Cutting vegetables has never been easier with the special Slice Cutter. Just glide down the cutter to slice. Suitable for slicing Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Lotus and Carrot. Perfect for cutting vegetables diagonally.
Vertical Slice Cutter
Vertical Slice Cutter makes it easy to slice vegetables to required size. Suitable for slicing Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Lotus and Carrot.
Watermelon Cutter WM-6 & 8
Watermelon Cutting Holder WM-S6 & S8
Apple Cutter AP-6 & 8
Standing style Apple Cutter APS-6 6 8

Pineapple Bottle
Pineapple Boat
Mountain Cutter MC-60 & 90
Ring Cutter RC-31
Both Side Cutter TC-2

Pineapple Cutter (Stick) SC-6 & 8
Attract customers with the various types of fruit cutter. Make your fruits look special and delicious.
There are variouce special cutter for any kinds of fruit
Rotary Style Cutter of Multipurpose Use MRC
Presser and Cutter forMultipurpose Use
Rotary Style Cutter Multipurpose Use
Easy, compact and sharp! Useful when cutting meat, ham, fish without bones, fresh fish, squid, sea plants, pickled radish, konnyaku, eggroll, fish cake, fried bean curd, leek, seaweed and etc.
Presser and Cutter For Multipurpose Use
Cutting ingredients is made easier with this cutter. Just place the food at the edge and push the handle. Enjoy many ways of cutting vegetables by changing the removable parts.
Cutter for fish cakes and rolled fried eggs
Cucumber cutter
Meat Tenderizer
Burdock Cutter
Moon Shape Cutter
Super Mincing Cutter
Vertically Cutter
Fixes Size Cutter
Electoronic Grater
Cutter for Dicing Bean Curd
Shaping Vegetable Stand   
Various kinds of cutters and stands available
One-Touch Pineapple Peeler PW
Pineapple Peeler Seperate PS
Pineapple Peeler Cebter Cut PC
Pineapple Peele Stand PT-1
Electric Peeler
Single Peeler & Double Peeler
The popular series of Pineapple peeler and stand.

Electric Peeler
Perfect for apple, pear, persimmon, kiwi fruit and/or orange. Easy to use. Switch the peeler on and place the fruit on the spinner.
Tokyo Masahisa Knife
Edo Masahisa Steel knife

Tokyo Masahisa Knife

Hirano Masahisa Knife
Knife Holder with Sterilizing Light-Storage
Hanging Knife Holder
Perfect for the experts and is the master of kitchenware.

Knife Holder with Sterilizing Light o Storage

Outstanding results, long lasting and easy to clean.
Plastick Cutting Board
Sterilized Cutting board
Soft Cutting board
Layer Cutting Board

Chinese Cutting Board
Cutting Board Slide type
Cutting Board Holder
Cutting Board Rack
Double Eges Cleve DE-1
Cutting Board Replacement
Knife Maker's Confidencial Product!
- Stops slipping and easy to wash surface.
- Lasts longer because of perfect fitting knife and cutting board. Available in many variations. Also available for other related items.
Rice Ball Shape
Rainbaw Rock
Pineapple Cup
Long Lasting and clean plastic items.
Lower cost and perfect results.

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